5 Common Home Electrical Problems from Your Wisconsin Electrician

Outlet installed by Wisconsin Electrician

In today’s world, homeowners rely on electricity not just to power their vital appliances and home systems but also to make daily life possible. Unfortunately, electrical problems can arise anytime, and when they do, they can bring inconvenience, frustration, and even danger to the party. In these circumstances, you need an expert Wisconsin electrician to help. 

Here are five of the most common home electrical problems discovered during home inspections, which a knowledgeable and dependable Wisconsin electrician can help you solve:

  1. Exposed Wiring: Exposed wiring isn’t just one of the most discovered electrical problems during home inspections; it can also be one of the most dangerous. Exposed wiring can dramatically increase the likelihood of arcing or even electrical fires. DIY repairs are strongly not recommended in cases of exposed wiring, as incorrectly covering them can further increase your fire risk. It’s not a particularly complicated repair, but it is a high-stakes one much safer left in the hands of a professional Wisconsin electrician.
  2. Outlets That Aren’t Properly Grounded: While this problem is commonly found in older homes, it is serious and should not be overlooked. If your outlets have only two holes for the plug itself and no hole for a ground wire, they are not grounded and present a concerning safety risk for your family, home, and belongings. Electricity will travel until it finds a suitable conductor source; without a ground wire, your home has one less line of protection against arcing and electrical fires. Like exposed wiring, this is another job best left to a trusted professional. 
  3. Too Few Outlets: The breakneck pace of technological innovation and tech adoption means that even relatively new homes may not have enough outlets to accommodate everything you need, with each member of the typical household owning multiple devices that require charging, multiple televisions, and entertainment centers in separate areas of the house, sometimes there just aren’t enough outlets to go around. Running extension cords from room to room or using multiple power strips is not the answer to this relatively new and vexing issue; it just increases your fire risk. Adding outlets to the rooms where you need them most is a quick and manageable solution to this particular problem. 
  4. Overused Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers are only intended to have a single wire connected to a single circuit breaker in the electrical panel. When two or more wires are plugged into the circuit breaker, the safety risk it presents almost can’t be overstated. Multiple wires connected to one breaker allow connections to loosen, creating the perfect circumstances for arcing and fires. Fortunately, overloaded circuit breakers are easy for a veteran Wisconsin electrician to spot and correct. 
  5. Improperly Installed Electrical Panels: On the front lines, electrical panels are a vital part of keeping danger at bay in terms of electrical hazard defense for your home. Improperly installed electrical panels are among the most common electrical problems professional electricians encounter. When it comes to electrical home repairs and maintenance, this one should be at the top of your list if you suspect an installation issue; getting an experienced Wisconsin electrician on the case is absolutely vital. 

Electrical problems aren’t just inconvenient; they are urgent home maintenance issues that should be addressed immediately to protect your family, your home, and everything it contains. If you suspect trouble is brewing with your electrical system, 3 Phase Power can help. Our Waukesha-based team of expert Wisconsin electricians covers a large service area and is standing by to help you create a safer environment in your home.

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