Advantages of Smart Home Wiring

Advantages of Smart Home Wiring

Remember when you were a child, and you’d imagine what the future would be like when you became an adult? You may be surprised to learn that some of your wildest childhood imaginings are now easily integrated features into the modern home. Smart home wiring can absolutely change your home for the better in so many ways and can serve as a great foundation for the smart devices we increasingly rely upon as a society.

What is Smart Home Wiring?

When you think of smart home features, you likely imagine digital virtual assistant devices, video doorbells, automatic robotic floor cleaners, and a web-integrated thermostat. These things are all features that contribute to an overall smart home, but they’re surface-level improvements. For example, smart home wiring eliminates the tangled wires and cords that power those devices with a structured wiring system that connects cables for phones, home automation, television and entertainment systems, internet, and home security for better efficiency, peak speed, and minimal mess. 

Smart home wiring means you can directly wire smart device versions of light switches and electrical outlets, doorbells, smoke alarms, and thermostats to boost their usefulness and reliability even further.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Home Wiring

With dedicated wiring and specialized devices, you don’t have to upgrade every major component of your home for a smart version. Traditional HVAC equipment, for example, does not need to be smart if the thermostat controlling it has been upgraded. Likewise, there’s no reason to toss out every light fixture in the house when you can slip smart light switches and bulbs into the fixtures you already have. From a practical standpoint, structured wiring allows you to turn almost any device with a power cord into a smart device by integrating smart outlets throughout your home. 

Security is another great reason to invest in smart home wiring. By creating a system designed to provide backup to your most critical safety and security equipment, you can take more proactive steps to protect your household. For example, your home alarm system, smoke alarms, and even your doorbells need to be powered by smart wiring and backup battery sources to provide full coverage.

Is Smart Home Wiring a Good Investment?

While in a broad sense, smart home wiring does increase the value of your home on the resale market, that’s not always the most important factor for homeowners pondering quality-of-life upgrades. However, if you’re planning to sell soon and are rewiring as part of a flipping or pre-sale renovation project, it’s worth the investment to install a wiring system designed for the demands of modern devices.

What if you’re planning to stay put and enjoy these upgrades yourself, though? In this case, whether the investment is a good one comes down to whether it is worthwhile for how your unique household lives in your personal home. If you’re excited about embracing the future and eager to enjoy everything smart home technology offers, then smart home wiring is a must-have feature. However, if you don’t plan to control your lighting, security, entertainment, and other household management, smart wiring still eliminates a significant amount of clutter, cords, tangles, and related eyesores.

Waukesha Smart Home Wiring Experts

When you’re ready to upgrade your home and keep on track for cutting-edge innovation in smart home technology, you need an expert you can trust to ensure the complex work is done correctly. 3 Phase Power brings decades of experience in the electrical trades to the Waukesha area and can help you devise a smart home wiring system perfectly tailored to your needs.

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