Why You Need a Backup Home Generator Professionally Installed and Serviced

backup home generator

Most people probably don’t spend much time considering if they need a backup home generator, especially if they live in a town or city. After all, you flip the switch, and the light comes on; you know the fridge works because someone is always standing in front of it with the door open. If there’s a short outage due to a bad storm, the odds are good your local electric company will have things repaired in a few hours, at most. Unfortunately, strange things happen, and you might need a backup home generator from 3 Phase Power to take you through a difficult circumstance.

Major Outages Do Occur and Immediate Fixes Don’t Always Happen

It doesn’t matter if you live in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Ozaukee, Walworth, or Washington counties, you can never be certain there won’t be a devastating snowstorm with crippling deep-freeze temperatures or a raging tornado that wipes out several blocks – or worse. 

Face it – we live in Wisconsin and we experience tough weather. Severe weather can cause disasters. You need a backup whole house generator because being prepared for such a disaster can make a major difference in getting through until things get better.

Heat, Food, Television and More Are All Provided with a Backup Home Generator

Losing power for a day can lead to candlelight, board games or a good book. Hot dogs over a fire work just fine for an evening. Snuggling together around the fireplace might even be romantic if you are in a position for that. If things get worse, most of us get frustrated pretty quickly. Mornings with no hot shower or coffee sounds miserable. 

If you’ve got kids or older family members in the house, the situation can become dire quickly when you don’t have power. Installing a whole house generator from 3 Phase Power to take over the load is a game-changer.

A Backup Home Generator Can Save Lives

Once you have a backup home generator professionally installed, keep it in mind whenever there’s an emergency in your neighborhood. Understandably, you install your whole house generator to make sure your family is protected in the event of a power loss. However, if your neighborhood experiences a natural disaster and is left with no power for days or even weeks, your help could save other lives. Access to clean water, or the ability to sanitize it, cook food and do laundry could easily be the largest gift you give your neighbors – and yourself. 

3 Phase Power provides excellent electrical services throughout the Waukesha and Milwaukee area. Our team will install your new generator with professionalism and top-quality skills, so the next time there is a power loss, your home (or business) will continue to function automatically. Contact us today to find out more about why you need a backup home generator.

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