Backup generator can be beneficial

5 Ways a Backup Generator Can Be Beneficial

Owning a backup generator can be beneficial, no matter where you live. There are so many ways a backup generator can make things easier and more comfortable whenever power is lost. But, in the long run, one of the best ways a backup generator can be useful is by what you WON’T lose during a

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electrical inspection

5 Reasons You Need an Electrical Inspection By 3 Phase Power

Having an electrical inspection is something you don’t think about until you have problems, but it’s vital to have regular electrical inspections of your home. Find out why as you read these 5 reasons you need an electrical inspection done now. Buying or Selling a Home Selling your home is the most familiar reason people

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Wauwatosa electrician

How a Wauwatosa Electrician can Help with Common Electrical Issues

When you own an older home in Wisconsin, there are five common electrical issues you need a Wauwatosa electrician to tackle to keep your stately older home safe from power failures and electrical fires. When you face any of these five electrical issues, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a reputable Wauwatosa

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electrical problems in your home

5 Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Electrical problems in your home are scary, and for good reason. When electricity isn’t properly harnessed and directed, it can cause major problems, including fire. So, how do you know if you have potential electrical problems in your home? Watch out for these signs and learn to tell the sights, smells and sounds of electrical

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