5 Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

electrical problems in your home

Electrical problems in your home are scary, and for good reason. When electricity isn’t properly harnessed and directed, it can cause major problems, including fire. So, how do you know if you have potential electrical problems in your home? Watch out for these signs and learn to tell the sights, smells and sounds of electrical problems so they can be repaired with a phone call. 

  1. Did you know you can smell some electrical warning signs? Of course, we’re all familiar with a bad rotten-egg smell that could mean a gas leak, but electrical issues often provide a giveaway your nose can catch. While you may expect an odor from a brand-new appliance, that’s not a concern there is an electrical issue. However, if you notice an odd smell from an outlet or your circuit breaker box or panel, make a call to an experienced electrical services company to come out and see what is behind the odor. Make a stink about it – it could save your home and family. 
  2. Have you heard the buzz? Not the latest gossip, but a buzzing sound from a light switch or an outlet. Crackling, humming or any noise at all? Switches and outlets should NEVER be making noise! If you hear any sounds when you plug in or turn on, immediately unplug or switch off the button and get to the phone. You need an electrician, stat. 
  3. Seeing sparks from your outlet? Yikes. Need we say more?
  4. Feeling the heat? Your light switches should never feel warm. In fact, neither should your outlets or your ceiling fixtures. Your ceiling fixtures will feel warm from the lightbulb, but the area around the fixture shouldn’t reflect that warmth. If it does, you may have some issues cooking up. Make the call and get it checked out.
  5. If you see mouse droppings, you need to worry about more than an exterminator and some cleaning. Mice and other rodents will invade a home through the tiniest openings, and once they’re in, they look for places to nest. So, all the wiring and connections near the signs of mice should be thoroughly checked. Ask your pest control expert to advise whether you have an infestation or a visitor. Plug up the holes. Set your traps – and call your electrician if you think there could be wiring problems which can lead to electrical problems in your home.

Professional Milwaukee Electrical Service

As you can see, there are many little signs of potential electrical problems in your home that could go unnoticed in the rush of daily life. Keep your senses aware and notice the sights, sounds and smells of potential electrical problems. 3 Phase Power is your greater Milwaukee area electrician to contact when you need to be certain the work is done right. Our highly-trained team of experts will find, inspect and repair your electrical problems – and potential problems – quickly and with the best service around. Contact us for excellent work with excellent service.

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