What Types of Home Renovation Projects Require a Professional Electrician?

Professional Electrician

Do you need a professional electrician for your home renovation? Many homeowners like nothing more than digging into a home renovation project that allows them to put their mark on their home and show off their skills and talent. It can be a great way to save money, to make money on a flip, or to enjoy a great hobby while you make your home more livable. But what types of home renovation projects require a professional electrician? Let’s look at three of the most common remodels that require a call to your local, professional electrician.

Kitchens Need a Professional Electrician

If you’re renovating your kitchen, count on needing a professional electrician. Between lights and outlets, you’re going to want plenty of both. In addition, you may need to add a circuit for a new appliance or two. Of course, electricity is always dangerous, but when you’re working in kitchens (and bathrooms) where water and electricity operate in tandem, things need to be installed to code and with absolute safety.

Turn That Basement into Your New . . .

When you decide it’s finally time to renovate that unfinished basement, it’s time to open your floorplan to the possibilities. Will you put in a teenager’s bedroom? A party room with a bar? Maybe a home theatre is on your wishlist. No matter what direction you take with your basement renovation, there’s no doubt you need a professional electrician. You’ll need wiring throughout the space as well as lights, switches, outlets, and more. So, make sure your new basement remodel is done correctly and safely by bringing in an experienced electrician. You won’t regret it.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Sometimes, when you renovate a home, especially one with some history, you need to upgrade the electrical system throughout the house. This is a project that needs an electrician. In addition, everything will need to be inspected and approved after bringing it up to code, and potentially needing to meet historical requirements if the house is on the registry. 

Home additions also need electricians to do the wiring work. Again, a professional team of electricians knows exactly what codes need to be considered and how to make sure everything passes with flying colors.

3 Phase Power provides professional electrical service of all types. We have experience, excellent, up-to-date training in the latest codes and technology, and some of the best customer service you’ve ever seen. We respect the fact that our work is done in your home, and we will provide you with safe, quality electrical services. Contact 3 Phase Power today and let’s get that renovation wired for safe and efficient operation. 

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