The Top 3 Reasons to Call a Licensed Waukesha Electrician

Waukesha Electrician

You can go years without ever needing to call an electrician to come to your home. But there are a few things that will make you glad you have the phone number of the go-to Waukesha electrician. (See the end of this post!) So, what are the top 3 reasons to call a licensed electrician in Waukesha? Read on to find out more.

Power Outages that Require a Waukesha Electrician

When you live in Wisconsin, you know the weather can take a turn now and again. From tornadoes in June to a foot of wet, heavy snow in icy temperatures, we see a lot of weather that can affect your electrical system at home or your commercial property.

Power outages that last for days is a very common reason to call a licensed Waukesha electrician. At 3 Phase Power, we also install generators, so those power outages aren’t so difficult to get through.

Power Cords Everywhere

There are a lot of older homes in Waukesha and if you happen to own one, you may find you’re using an abundance of power strips. These multi-outlet cords are designed to allow you to plug in more than two devices into the standard wall outlet. The problem is many of these older homes have electrical systems that can’t handle the extra load.

In addition, having cords strung around are a trip-and-fall hazard, especially for children or older adults. Getting this mess tidied up by installing outlets that can handle your current electrical needs goes a long way to increasing safety for everyone.

Things Are Getting Hot in Here

One more common reason people look for a trained and licensed Waukesha electrician is also common to older homes. No matter how much power you are using, outlets and switches should NEVER feel warm to the touch. If you have an electrical fixture or component that feels hot, or is giving off sparks, stop using the electrical component right away and make a phone call. You need someone who can repair that right away or you could be at risk of severe shock or even fire.

When you need an electrician, you can depend on to do the job right and get it done quickly, you need 3 Phase Power. Our team is skilled in all things electrical at your home or business. We are your go-to Waukesha electrician. Call us today at 414-350-9793 or click here to contact us online.

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