The Ultimate Guide to Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric cars are becoming more popular every day. As more and more people switch to electric cars, the demand for electric vehicle chargers is increasing. Homeowners are now able to install electric vehicle chargers in their own homes! This is a great solution for those who have electric cars and are worried about how and when they will charge their car. With an electric vehicle charger at home, you can easily charge your car whenever you need to!

4 Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers In Your Home

Electric vehicle chargers are becoming an increasingly popular home addition. And for good reason – they offer several benefits that make them an excellent investment for any EV owner. Here are 5 of the most compelling reasons to install electric vehicle chargers in your home:

  1. Convenience – Imagine going to sleep at night and waking up to a fully charged vehicle. No need to go to the gas station or a charging station! Electric vehicle chargers provide a convenient way to charge your EV, so you can always have a full battery when you need it.
  1. Cost savings – EV chargers can help you save money on your electric bill since you’ll use less electricity overall.
  1. Increase resale value – EV chargers can increase the resale value of your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  1. Peace of mind – you can use EV chargers as backup power during a power outage. That’s right, if the power goes out, your EV can keep your lights on and your fridge running.


Levels of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicle chargers are available in three levels, each providing a different amount of power. Level 1 chargers are the slowest but are also the most affordable and can be used with any standard 120-volt household outlet. With Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charges you can expect a charge range between 2 and 5 miles per hour.

Level 2 chargers are more expensive but can charge an electric vehicle much faster. They require a 240-volt outlet, which can be installed by an experienced electrician. With Level 2 electric vehicle chargers you can expect a charge range between 10 and 60 miles per hour, which significantly increases from a Level 1 charger. 

Level 3 chargers are the fastest type of charger but are also the most expensive. They are not available for in-home installation, as they require a special high-voltage outlet.

By working with an experienced electrician at 3 Phase Power, you can be sure that your electric vehicle charger is installed correctly and that your vehicle will be able to charge safely and efficiently. Call today and let one of our qualified electricians inspect your home to ensure it is equipped to handle charging. Make 3 Phase Power your source for electric vehicle chargers. 

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