How a Wauwatosa Electrician can Help with Common Electrical Issues

Wauwatosa electrician

When you own an older home in Wisconsin, there are five common electrical issues you need a Wauwatosa electrician to tackle to keep your stately older home safe from power failures and electrical fires. When you face any of these five electrical issues, it’s time to pick up the phone and call a reputable Wauwatosa electrician.

1.Bad Wiring Demands a Wauwatosa Electrician Right Away

Before purchasing an older home, make sure you have a professional electrical services company check out the wiring. Old wiring may have passed inspection in the past, but could need replacement now to avoid potential fire risk. 

2.Flickering Lights Blow Your Electricity Out in the Wind

If your lights start to flicker when the wind picks up, you have an issue that needs to be addressed right away. Flickering lights are a sign there is frayed wiring outside in the weatherhead. The weatherhead is that outdoor fitting with the loopy group of cables that brings power into the home from company lines. It is made to protect the circuit box from moisture. The rain hits the wires and follows the loop, reducing the flow to a drip.

Flickering wires can cause an arc that can lead to a fire. Plan to get it safely repaired right away by a licensed electrician.

3.Overloaded Circuit Panels Are Common in Older Homes

Because technology has expanded exponentially in the past few decades, circuit panels in older homes are likely ill-equipped to manage the necessary power to operate everything safely. This is usually because the circuit panel is designed to protect your home from power surges. When this happens, the breaker trips, cutting off the circuit and causing a hassle. 

Using a Wauwatosa electrician to upgrade your circuit panel is a must to keep up with today’s electrical workload. The new panel will be designed to carry more higher-powered circuits, so flipping those breakers will become a thing of the past.

4.Too Few Outlets Mean Too Much Stress

Again, times have changed a lot since your older home was designed and built. As a result, it’s common for older homes to have fewer outlets than you need. And, loading up an electrical strip can seriously overload your panel, causing shorts and possibly a fire. 

5.Missing or Uncovered Junction Boxes Cause Electrical Code Issues in Wauwatosa

The junction box is where electrical connections are contained. It’s against code to leave spliced wires hanging free. The junction must be contained in a regulation box, which is readily accessible in case of a problem. The box needs to have a cover to enclose it, but it CANNOT be put behind the drywall or anywhere else where it is not accessible.

3 Phase Power is the Wauwatosa electrician you should call with any electrical issues in your older home, you can rest assured you have the finest electrical services team in the area. Our technicians are highly skilled and dedicated to providing you with excellent services. Contact us today for electrical services to make your older home safe.

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